What Are Hormone Pellets?

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Hormone Pellets

What Are Hormone Pellets?

As people age, their hormone production generally decreases, causing a host of bodily changes and unpleasant side effects.

Hormone replacement pellet therapy is an effective solution to declining hormone levels. Hormone pellets mitigate the side effects of hormone fluctuations, help patients get closer to their optimal health, and reduce the risk of age-related illnesses.

Hormone therapy is used to balance or increase the levels of estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone in the body. While the idea of hormone pellet therapy may be daunting at first, it is one of the most effective treatments for hormonal imbalances.


What Are Hormone Pellets?

Bioidentical hormone pellets are created from organic plant materials and are used to mimic the chemical structure of the natural hormones that the human body creates. Using pellets reduces the side effects of aging, like hot flashes and weight gain.

While synthetic hormones are available, we at Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics take pride in providing our patients with the most natural pellet hormone option available — bioidentical hormones (BHRT).


Hormone Pellet Uses

Hormone replacement therapy is used to treat the following symptoms and conditions in women and men:

  • Low libido
  • Mood swings (i.e. depression, anxiety, low mood)
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low energy levels
  • Symptoms of menopause

Additionally, pellet hormone therapy reduces the risk of bone loss and protects against osteoporosis.

To learn more about our hormone replacement therapy, continue reading or give Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics a call to schedule a consultation with our naturopathic doctor.


Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance


Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance

If you suspect that you have a hormone imbalance, here are several signs to look out for.


Hormone imbalance symptoms for women:

  • Weight fluctuation
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sensitivity to temperature
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Long term muscle weakness
  • Thinning hair
  • Depression, anxiety, irritability
  • Low libido
  • Sweating
  • Infertility


Hormone imbalance symptoms in men:

  • Breast tissue development
  • Low libido
  • Brain fog
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • A decrease in body hair growth
  • Erectile dysfunction

Hormone imbalance is very common and can happen multiple times throughout your lifetime. Pregnant women, pubescent teens, and men and women over the age of 45 are all at an increased risk of suffering a hormonal imbalance.

If you suspect that you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance, give Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics a call. Our naturopathic specialist, Dr. Robertson, can help you develop a personalized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy plan.


How Long Does it Take For Hormone Pellets to Work?

In general, it takes hormone levels between two and four weeks to begin noticing the effects of hormone pellets.

While you may begin to notice a change in your mood and personal well being within a couple of weeks of starting hormone pellet therapy, keep in mind that it may take your body time to balance and get back to an ideal hormone profile.


How Much Does Pellet Therapy Cost?

The cost of hormone pellet therapy varies depending on dosage, frequency, and the number of pellets needed. Most men will need to have pellets inserted twice a year while women may need to schedule hormone replacement therapy up to four times a year.


How Are Hormone Pellets Inserted?

Hormone pellets are best absorbed by the body when they are inserted into fatty tissue. This makes the hips and buttocks ideal insertion sites.

The insertion site will be made numb before a small incision is made. The pellets will be inserted in the incision and the insertion site will be carefully covered with a bandage.

Pellet therapy is quick, painless, and convenient. The process is often done in under half an hour so that patients don’t have to commit a large portion of their day to the treatments.

There’s no downtime either, so you can complete your hormone replacement therapy on your lunch break and go back to work immediately.


Visit a Hormone Pellet Therapy Clinic Today

Here at Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics, our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps our patients feel revitalized and takes them closer to their optimal health.

Dr. Rachel Robertson, our naturopathic specialist, will hold an initial consultation to discuss your hormone profile and needs. Following the consultation and a blood test to determine what dosage of hormone pellets you need, Dr. Robertson will schedule a date for you to come in and have your bioidentical hormones inserted.

After you’ve had the pellet inserted, you will return to the clinic in a month’s time to have your hormone levels retested to ensure that the pellets are working and improving your hormone profile.

If you are ready to take charge of your health and wellbeing, give Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics a call today. We’d love to schedule a consultation between you and Dr. Robertson to restore your hormones and health.


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