what are Neurotransmitters

What Are Neurotransmitters?

If you’ve recently started noticing some unpleasant physical or psychological changes in your life that persist and don’t set themselves right after a short period of time, you may have a neurotransmitter deficiency or imbalance.   How do neurotransmitters work and what are they? Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers used by the body to communicate within […]


How Does Alcohol Affect Neurotransmitters?

While there is more than one substance that can affect neurotransmitters (drugs, various diseases, other chemical messengers, etc.), alcohol is one of the most commonly used and abused neurotransmitter influencers. But how does alcohol affect neurotransmitters exactly? Continue reading to learn how alcohol affects neurotransmitters or give Port Orchard Natural Medicine a call to speak […]

how to improve Digestive Health

How to Improve Digestive Health

If you’re wondering how to improve digestive health, you’re not alone. There has been an increasing focus on developing good digestive health as more people become aware of the vital role gut health plays in maintaining holistic health and wellness for the body. Whether you’re combating digestive health issues or are simply trying to get […]