Port Orchard Natural Medicine Boasts Our Own Dispensary, Bringing Convenience, Consistency, and Care to You with Direct Online Ordering!

Port Orchard Natural Medicine

Supplements and skin care products may also be purchased through PONM during regular business hoursWE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO SEE OUR PATIENTS! For products available at the practice, please view our PONM Dispensary page. 

Please keep in mind Dr. Rachel has carefully chosen the supplements that she carries based on quality and supplements purchased online are not guaranteed by the manufacturer to address your needs if you haven’t spoken to the doctor first. Since the FDA does not regulate supplements, there are huge variances among brands. Supplements purchased from “holding” companies such as Amazon® and EBAY® may be fraudulent and/or expired.

Online Ordering

We also understand that in today’s busy world, purchasing online can be an easier and quicker way to purchase your supplements and ensure you don’t run out if you can’t make it into the practice to get them. We offer Thorne® and Metagenics® online, which are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Supplements Offered

  • amino acids
  • bio-identical hormones
  • essential fatty acids
  • glandulars
  • herbs
  • minerals
  • homeopathy
  • injectable vitamins (by prescription only)
  • medical food powders and bars
  • probiotics
  • protein bars
  • vitamins
  • weight loss support
  • detoxification support
  • educational books

????Please call if the supplement you require is not listed above and we can get it ordered for you. 

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