How Much Does Ideal Protein Cost?

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Ideal Protein Cost

How Much Does Ideal Protein Cost?

Weight and health are things that everyone struggles with at some point in their lifetime. While weight will occasionally fluctuate due to uncontrollable factors (pregnancy, menstruation, etc.), it’s still important to have a steady, healthy mindset towards how we care for our bodies.

This is where Ideal Protein comes into play.

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a medically designed diet and weight loss program to help patients stabilize their blood sugar and lose weight.

To learn more about Ideal Protein, ideal protein meals, and how it works, and how ideal protein diet costs, continue reading this page or give Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics a call today to schedule an Ideal Protein consultation.


How Much Does Ideal Protein Cost?

The Ideal Protein diet sets patients up for a lifetime of healthy weight. The program includes four distinct phases spread out over the course of several months.

The cost of Ideal Protein varies depending on the weight loss clinic that you use but program cost can be as little as $15 per day. This does not include consultations with your loss coach.

If you would like to learn more about Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics’s Ideal Protein Protocol, please give us a call today. Staff at our weight loss clinic would be happy to discuss the ideal protein diet cost and the details of this weight loss plan with you.


What is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program?

The Ideal Protein diet is divided into four stages. Each of these four phases works together to maximize results and prepare patients for a lifetime at a sustained, healthy weight. Ideal Protein is not a short-term solution. Instead, it focuses on lifestyle education and equips you to maintain your ideal weight long-term.

A key part of the Ideal Protein weight loss program is the use of Ideal Protein food and ideal protein supplements — a vast selection of vibrant meals and snacks prepared specifically for this ketogenic diet. Ideal Protein meal is vegetarian friendly.


Here’s a summary of the four phases of the Ideal Protein diet:


Phase 1: Weight Loss Phase

At Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics, our Ideal Protein program begins with a consultation with our weight loss expert, Dr. Rachel Robertson. You will discuss your goals of loosing weight with Dr. Robertson and together you will form a plan for achieving your goal through diet and exercise.


Phase 2: Digestive Health

Once you’ve achieved your goal weight through eating ideal protein food and exercise, you will move onto phase 2, a two week period dedicated to digestive health and lifestyle education.

During this stage of the Ideal Protein diet, you will focus on learning about the role that gut health plays in weight stabilization and overall health at ideal protein clinic.


Phase 3: Pre-Stabilization

This is the stage where you will work with Dr. Robertson to create a diet that is sustainable in the long term.

The goal is to create a balanced, wholefoods diet with plenty of live foods, fruits, and vegetables. You will also prioritize healthy eating habits and maintaining a healthy relationship with food.


Phase 4: Maintenance

The final and main stage of the Ideal Protein diet is maintenance.

Any diet that does not focus on maintenance and sustainability is setting you up for a yo-yo dieting experience. In order to ensure that you are able to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life, you need to understand basic nutrition and how to balance your diet.

During the maintenance phase, you will focus on consistent and adequate protein intake, growing your relationship with food to the point where you can allow yourself a guilt-free treat day once in a while, and limiting your intake of high-carb or overly fatty foods. These healthy habits will help you maintain your ideal weight for years to come.


How Does Ideal Protein Work?

The Ideal Protein diet encourages your body to enter a state of ketosis, allowing you to use fat as fuel and burn your fat stores.

Not only does the Ideal Protein diet get your body into ketosis so that you can burn more fat, but it also takes you through a process of rebuilding your perspective on and relationship with food.

When a patient goes through the Ideal Protein Plan, they receive nutrition education that enables them to make healthy decisions and form a better relationship with food.


Benefits of Ideal Protein

Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics’s Ideal Protein program comes with a host of benefits. Some of the best benefits of doing our Ideal Protein program include:

  • Weight loss without muscle loss

  • Stabilized blood sugar

  • Boosted energy

  • Using fat for fuel — reducing fat storage and cellulite.

  • Weight loss coaching from Dr. Robertson

  • Better appetite control

  • A national network of Ideal Protein participants and providers


Contact An Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic Today

It’s time to start on your journey towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. You don’t need to begin this journey alone — our caring staff and weight loss specialists would be happy to guide you through your Ideal Protein journey.

Give Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics a call today to schedule your first consultation with our weight-loss expert, Dr. Robertson. A better you is right around the corner.


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