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What is weight loss? How do you lose weight effectively and keep it off? Your local Silverdale weight loss clinic is ready to help you define and find healthy weight loss in a whole new way.


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Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Silverdale, WA

As a local Silverdale weight loss clinic, Port Orchard Natural Medicine’s services are valuable to residents in the surrounding area. The medically informed programs that we use to help people like you aim to change your weight and your life.

Our weight loss physician, Dr. Robertson, will evaluate the following factors:

  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Blood sugar regulation and insulin resistance
  • Systemic and local inflammation
  • Stress hormones
  • Sleep quality and deprivation levels
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Toxic burdens
  • Gut health

The factors above can affect how you lose weight.


Our 4-Phase Weight Loss Approach

Unlike other Silverdale weight loss programs, Port Orchard Natural Medicine uses a four-phase approach to natural weight loss. This unique approach helps you change your life in ways that will help you keep off the weight for a healthier, longer life. We call it the Ideal Protein Diet.


Phase 1: Weight Loss

The first phase includes:

  • Your first in-depth consultation and evaluation
  • Uncovering factors that contribute to unwanted weight gain
  • Diet and health education
  • Beginning a ketogenic diet using Ideal Protein diet foods
  • Tracking weekly weight-loss results

This phase lasts until you reach your ideal weight goal. Phase length may vary for each individual.


Phase 2: Digestive Health Focus

The second phase is a two-week segment that focuses on:

  • Stabilizing your diet
  • Introducing whole foods
  • Learning the fundamentals of nutrition and digestive health


Phase 3: Pre-Stabilization

Phase three teaches you to maintain your ideal weight while reintroducing whole foods, including carbs.


Phase 4: Maintenance

The fourth phase lasts for 12 months to encourage a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. This phase includes:

  • Maintaining a consistent protein intake
  • Limiting carbs and fats
  • Introducing indulgent days
  • Continuing healthy activities

Following the fourth phase of the Ideal Protein Diet, our clients are welcome to check-in and receive complimentary coaching. Our clients can continue to purchase Ideal Protein Diet meals and nutritional supplements after completing the entire course.


Body Sculpting Therapy

Are you looking to enhance your weight loss in problem areas? Our body sculpting therapy is an excellent option to help you achieve your goals. State-of-the-art LipoMelt services can offer up to three inches of fat reduction in just a single session!

You can find your ideal “Silverdale weight loss clinic near me” at Port Orchard Natural Medicine.


FirstLine Therapy

Searching for “Silverdale weight loss doctors near me?” Port Orchard Natural Medicine is your ideal clinic for long-lasting weight loss and overall health. We offer a FirstLine Therapy program.

FirstLine Therapy focuses on healthy lifestyle foundations. FirstLine Therapy targets and emphasizes the importance of:

  • Creating a sensible eating plan
  • Eating whole foods
  • Learning about low glycemic, plant-based foods
  • Incorporating regular exercise
  • Understanding nutritional supplementation
  • Practicing effective stress management

If you’re searching for a “Silverdale weight loss near me” or a “lose weight clinic” in or around Silverdale, Port Orchard Natural Medicine is an excellent choice for a holistic approach to health.


Benefits of Weight Loss

As your premier Silverdale weight loss clinic, the highly trained medical professionals at Port Orchard Natural Medicine understand how weight loss can positively impact your life. Benefits of losing weight and maintaining a healthier weight include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower triglycerides levels
  • Less heart disease risk
  • Improved mobility and reduced pain
  • The increased energy level and improved mood

When you’re ready to find the perfect “Silverdale weight loss center near me,” contact Port Orchard Natural Medicine. Our professional experts will guide you to your weight loss goals and help you improve your overall health with a holistic approach to your health and lifestyle.


Choose Weight Loss Clinic Silverdale, WA—Port Orchard Natural Medicine

Discover your local Silverdale lose weight clinic at Port Orchard Natural Medicine. Dr. Rachel Roberston is ready to educate you in healthy living to reach your weight loss goals. You’ll lose unwanted weight and keep it off with our educational weight loss training program.

Are you ready to lose fat pounds and inches and live a healthier lifestyle? Call for a free quote today! Contact Port Orchard Natural Medicine.


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