There are many different body-sculpting techniques available in Silverdale WA, but not all of them are pain-free, non-invasive, and effective. LipoMelt therapy is a great solution that produces visible results without requiring invasive or painful procedures for weight loss.

LipoMelt is among the top non-destructive, weight loss, and body shaping treatments available today. Thanks to its innovative technology, LipoMelt is safe, fast, and triggers the body’s natural healing process in order to maintain healthy skin, support your overall well-being, and sculpt your body without destroying fatty cells.


What is LipoMelt Body Sculpting?

LipoMelt is a type of red-light therapy that can be used to sculpt different parts of your body in a safe and effective way. This treatment aims to drain fat cells in the target areas in order to reduce size and weight loss.

This non-invasive treatment only takes about 20 to 25 minutes and all you have to do is relax on a bed or massage table while the red-light device works on improving the target area. The device emanates red and infra light, which penetrates deep into the layers of your skin.

Unlike other treatments that may take weeks or months to show results, LipoMelt provides visible improvements from the very first treatment. Patients experience a total fat reduction of up to three inches depending on the treated area.

Additionally, LipoMelt can also trigger collagen production, reduce cellulite, and tighten the skin, giving you fresher overall appearance.

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LipoMelt Overview

Lipo  Melt treatment is known as red-light therapy because it uses this type of energy to loosen up fatty cells. The device employs six red-light pads that our therapist adjusts depending on the area of the body you want to treat.

Here’s how these light pads work.

The LipoMelt device emanates red-light of 635nm wavelength. This has a bioactive effect on the body, which means it prompts cells to take certain actions. When it hits the cell membranes found at a molecular level these loosen up, which allows fatty matter like triglycerides to be removed from the body.

Fatty matter escapes via the lymphatic system, our body’s natural fat disposal system.

In addition to the red light, LipoMelt also employs infrared – light at 880nm frequency, which promotes the production of elastin and collagen. This can improve the appearance of your skin, giving it a tight and firm appearance while removing wrinkles and cellulite at the same time.

After you spend up to 25 minutes in the red and infrared light machine, your therapist will move you to a vibration machine that allows for the release of fat molecules into the lymphatic system.

It’s important to note that LipoMelt therapy is non invasive safe alternative. As a matter of fact, this form of treatment uses the body’s natural fat disposal mechanism.

Furthermore, fat cells are not destroyed during the procedure. The fatty matter is deflated, which accelerates the removal process. However, this painless body sculpting treatment should be accompanied by a healthy eating and exercise regime in order to maintain the results you achieve.


Comparing LipoMelt with Other Body-Sculpting Alternatives

Most body-sculpting techniques employed today are referred to as outside-in treatment. As the name suggests, these treatments often rely on a frontal attack on fat, so it includes cosmetic surgery, invasive treatments, and other technology to directly remove unwanted weight. For example, treatments like CoolSculpting and liposuction.

Outside-in procedures are commonly invasive, plus they may also have a bigger list of potential side-effects, including pain, discomfort, and potential for infection.

Patients who are looking for a more relaxing and non-invasive alternative to weight loss in Silverdale WA can opt for LipoMelt. Red-light therapy falls under the category of inside-out procedures because they use your body’s natural processes to loosen up and eliminate fat.

The inside-out approach is much easier and safer than conventional treatments, which is one of the reasons LipoMelt has gained a lot of popularity recently for weight loss in Silverdale WA.


Explaining the LipoMelt Process

At Port Orchard Natural Medicine in Silverdale WA, we perform LipoMelt treatments in an organized and progressive way that’s closely monitored in order to track your improvements.

Our process goes through the following steps.

  1. We determine your weight goals
  2. Our team weighs you and takes your measurements
  3. You’re gently wrapped in the red-light therapy pads
  4. For 20 to 25 minutes, you sit on the massage table or bed while your skin soaks in the red – light
  5. Following the red-light treatment, you’re placed in a vibration device to help loosen fatty cells
  6. After the treatment, you should avoid alcohol, stay hydrated, and wear compression garments that improve your results


How Long Do You Have to Wait for Results to Show?

Silverdale LipoMelt offers instant results that can be measured after the first treatment is completed. On average, patients lose as much as three inches in the targeted area after the first session of multiple sessions.


How Long Do the Results Last?

LipoMelt relies on the body’s natural fat elimination process and it should be considered a part of a more holistic approach. The results will remain as long as a good maintenance regime is followed, including plenty of exercise, a healthy diet, and lots of water.


Patients can also set up a LipoMelt therapy maintenance schedule in order to maintain their ideal weight. This is the reason why we provide LipoMelt packs of 6, 12, and 20 treatments that can be scheduled at your convenience.


Is There Any Pain During the LipoMelt Treatment?

LipoMelt is an inside-out treatment, so it does not produce any pain. It does not puncture the skin or expose it to extreme temperatures, so there is no bleeding, burning, freezing, bruising, or otherwise unpleasant sensation involved.


Is LipoMelt Suitable for All Patients?

People who are close to their ideal body weight and help contouring certain areas are ideal candidates for this treatment. Additionally, patients who want firmer, younger-looking skin should also consider this procedure as it promotes the production of collagen in the target area.

Lipo Melt was created to be a part of a healthy lifestyle. If you already have good habits or you’re ready to start implementing these changes, this treatment is perfect for you. It’s not a good option for people who want a quick fix.


Who Isn’t a Good Candidate?

This treatment is not ideal for patients who follow unhealthy habits, including drinking alcohol regularly, a poor eating regime, or being excessively overweight.

LipoMelt does not simply destroy fat, but it creates the conditions to accelerate the body’s elimination process. It’s used for body sculpting, which means that it should be used on areas with hard-to-treat fat deposits that can’t be addressed through exercise. That said, it’s not a solution to an unhealthy way of life.


Risks and Side-Effects Associated with LipoMelt

There are no known side-effects or risks associated with red-light therapy. With this in mind, patients need to remember that the weight they’ve lost can come back without a good maintenance regime.

During the procedure, fat cells are drained but not destroyed, so they can be refilled if you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle. As mentioned before, this includes plenty of water, regular exercise, good eating habits, and a good sleeping schedule, among other things.


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Strengthening the Liver

When the LipoMelt procedure releases fat cells, your body’s metabolism moves them to the liver, which in turn removes these cells. This means that the stronger your liver, the better your results will be.

As part of our LipoMelt procedure, we advise patients to drink certain supplements that help boost liver function. If you’d like to know more about these, your therapist will be able to help and direct you to the Port Orchard Natural Medicine clinic in Silverdale, WA after the treatment. We are a weight loss clinic, so our team and facilities are equipped with everything needed to help you achieve your goals.


Getting Started with LipoMelt Body-Sculpting Treatment in Silverdale, WA

If you want to learn more about LipoMelt because you think you may be a good candidate, Port Orchard Natural Medicine clinic in Silverdale, WA is here to help. Get in touch with us and our team will assess your weight loss goals and design a custom red-light therapy plan for you.

A healthier you is just around the corner!


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