Can Naturopaths Prescribe Medication?

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Can Naturopaths Prescribe Medication?

Whether you’ve recently started seeing a naturopathic doctor or you’ve been seeing one for many years, you might have recently started needing medication for a condition and are wondering if your naturopath can prescribe it.

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Can Naturopaths Prescribe Medication?

The short answer is yes, naturopathic doctors may prescribe certain medications to their patients.

The medications which are allowed to be prescribed by naturopaths are regulated by the particular state where the naturopath is practicing and may vary from state to state.

While naturopathic doctors are permitted to prescribe specific medications, this is not often their initial route as naturopathic doctors tend to place emphasis on holistic health and treating the entire body rather than simply treating a symptom.

Naturopathic doctors will often pursue other, natural routes to health restoration instead of medication. We’ll take a deeper look into common naturopathic treatment options below.


Medicines from Naturopaths


How Is a Naturopathic Doctor Different From a Medical Doctor?

What is the difference between a naturopathic doctor and a medical doctor?

The main difference between the two is their approach. While naturopathic doctors strive to offer a more holistic approach to health, many medical doctors treat the specific symptoms of their patients rather than viewing the symptoms through a more holistic lens.

Both naturopathic and traditional medical doctors undergo extensive medical training at an accredited school, though the education requirements for each vary.

While medical doctors prioritize modern medicine and technology for treatment, naturopathic doctors seek to implement natural healing solutions to alleviate and remedy their patients’ conditions.

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What Is Naturopathic Medicine Exactly?

Naturopathic medicine may take on several different forms.

Bear in mind that naturopathic treatments are very specific to each patient, their health needs, condition, and history. Your health needs will determine what treatments your naturopathic doctor will prescribe to you.

Some popular forms of naturopathic treatment include:

  • Dietary changes. Diet has the ability to affect our mental and physical well-being often more than we understand. A naturopathic doctor may guide you to make various dietary changes to improve your overall health and physical symptoms.
  • Plant-based medicines and herbal remedies.
  • Psychotherapy, talk therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Lifestyle modifications including implementing meditation, yoga, light exercise, etc.


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