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What Is a Weight Loss Clinic

“Where can I find a good weight loss clinic near me?”

If you are looking for a weight loss service to help you reach your weight loss goals, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Port Orchard Natural Medicine, we have a highly trained naturopathic doctor (Dr. Robertson) who is ready to understand your unique health needs and assist you on your journey to greater health and physical well-being.

Continue reading to learn more about our weight loss clinic, or get in touch with Port Orchard Natural Medicine today.


Our Weight Loss Clinic

At our weight loss clinic, Dr. Robertson has been assisting patients in reaching their weight loss goals for the past 15 years.

Our unique approach to weight loss programs takes into account all of the factors that could contribute to weight loss or impede weight loss for an individual patient.

Dr. Robertson takes the time to evaluate things like food intolerances and allergies, stress levels, hormonal imbalances, thyroid functionality, insulin resistance, insomnia or other sleep issues, and dietary deficiencies.

These factors can all play a part in determining the success and speed of your weight loss journey but are often neglected by many weight loss clinics.


Benefits of Losing Weight With Weight Loss Center

What are the benefits of working with a specialty physician’s weight loss center? Based on the experiences of our patients, the benefits of working with a medical weight loss specialist include:

  • Safe Weight Loss. Working with a professional means that your weight loss is done in a safe and monitored manner. Your food intake will be tracked to ensure that you’re getting adequate nutrition throughout your weight loss journey.
  • Steady and Effective Weight Loss. Implementing effective weight loss techniques will lead to a steady number decrease on the scale — which is often much more sustainable and better for your health than rapid weight loss.
  • Weight Loss Inhibitors are Identified. Undertaking weight loss on your own can lead to a lot of confusion if you encounter stubborn weight resistance and can’t figure out why. This is why working with a weight loss specialist is beneficial because they take the time to understand your unique physical needs and so can help you identify potential things that are inhibiting your progress (poor sleep, not sufficient exercise, insulin resistance, etc.).
  • You Have Moral Support. Another benefit to supervised medical weight loss is that you have a team to support and encourage you along the way. At Port Orchard Natural Medicine, our staff is experts at championing and encouraging our patients on their weight loss journey.


Weight Loss Programs That Work

Not all weight loss programs are created equally, and some are effective, while others are simply scams.

There are so many fraudulent weight loss programs out there, and it can be both frustrating and discouraging to invest time and energy into a weight loss program that proves ineffective.

This is why it’s so important to understand how weight loss works so that you are able to find a program that actually works for you.

If you are looking for an effective, proven weight loss program, get in touch with Port Orchard Natural Medicine to speak with Dr. Robertson or our staff about our Ideal Protein Diet program.
We have been guiding patients through the Ideal Protein Diet program for more than a decade, and we’ve been able to witness firsthand just how life-changing it can be. We’d be honored to guide you through the Ideal Protein Diet, answer any questions you may have about the program, or schedule you for a consultation with Dr. Robertson. Find ideal protein diet near me!

For a brief overview of the Ideal Protein Diet, here are the four stages of the program:

  1. Weight Loss. The first stage of the Ideal Protein Diet focuses on helping patients achieve their target weight through implementing a ketogenic diet, health education, and monitoring results to ensure that the measures being taken are effective.
  2. Digestive Health Focus. After you’ve reached your target weight, the program will take you through two weeks of digestive health focus to help you better understand your body and how the foods you consume play a part in determining health and weight.
  3. Pre-Stabilization. During the third phase of the program, whole foods that were previously eliminated from your diet will be reintroduced (during breakfast).
  4. Maintenance. The final stage lasts for a whole year and focuses on maintaining weight and educating patients to know how to keep excess weight off for the rest of their lives.

CheckIdeal Protein Phase 4 Meal Plans


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Do Medical Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Let’s talk about medical weight loss supplements for a minute here.

The main question that weight loss clinics receive is, “Do medical weight loss supplements work, and if so, which ones?”

While some individuals may see weight loss when they begin taking weight loss supplements, it should be noted that sustained, healthy weight loss is not often accomplished by weight loss supplements alone.

The focus during a weight loss journey should be to find a sustainable, nutritious, healthy, and enjoyable method for losing weight and keeping it off.

Approaches like the Ideal Protein Diet are far more effective and feasible for sustained and maintained weight loss than a solution like a medical weight loss supplement.


How Much Does It Cost To Visit a Medical Weight Loss Clinic?

So, where can I find weight loss doctors near me? Here at Port Orchard Natural Medicine, we run a medical weight loss clinic with a focus on sustainable weight loss and health.

Dr. Robertson received her medical training at Bastyr University and has been the president of Port Orchard Natural Medicine for more than 15 years. She is a seasoned naturopathic doctor and is also board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners.

Dr. Robertson is passionate about restoring and pursuing health through holistic, natural means because she understands that that is the most certain road to lasting and full health.

To learn more about the Ideal Protein Diet program or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robertson, get in touch with Port Orchard Natural Medicine today.

We look forward to helping you pursue health, greater happiness, and increased body satisfaction.


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