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What is Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy?

A natural effect of aging is that our bodies begin to produce fewer hormones. As a result of this, hormones often become imbalanced, creating a number of unpleasant side symptoms.

To stabilize hormone levels within the body, individuals often seek out medical treatments such as hormone pellet therapy.

Before we get into whether hormone pellet therapy is the best option for you, here are some common signs that you might have a hormonal imbalance.


What are Common Signs of a Hormonal Imbalance?

  • Mood swings
  • Low motivation
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweat
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Skin wrinkling
  • Low moods
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Hair loss
  • Low energy
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Low libido
  • A decrease in muscle mass
  • Weight gain

All of these unpleasant signs indicate a hormonal imbalance and should be addressed.

While these symptoms are unpleasant, they also have the ability to affect your life and happiness greatly. With this in mind, you should seek to address hormone imbalances as soon as you notice symptoms that you have.


Is Hormone Pellet Therapy Right for You?

Hormone pellet therapy is extremely beneficial for individuals struggling with hormonal imbalance. It helps balance our hormones and stabilize our mood.

While all of the benefits are evident, it’s also good to keep in mind that hormone pellet therapy is not for everyone. To help you decide whether hormone pellet therapy is for you, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the procedure.


Frequently Asked Question About Hormone Pellet Therapy

Who shouldn’t do hormone pellet therapy?

If you answer “that’s me” to any of the following statements, hormone pellet therapy is likely not for you.

  • Individuals who already have a healthy hormone balance
  • Male individuals who have concerns about their fertility
  • Individuals with specific types of cancer (breast cancer or prostate cancer)
  • Those who wish to use hormone pellet therapy to achieve something other than its intended use.


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When can I expect to see results?

Many people who begin doing hormone pellet treatments report seeing results after a couple of months of therapy.

How soon you see results depends on the level of hormonal imbalance and what aging symptoms are being treated with pellet therapy.


Our Tried & True Hormone Pellet Therapy Process:

Here at Port Orchard Natural Medicine in Gig Harbor, we have our tried and true hormone pellet therapy process. This process has been created and refined by hormone replacement therapist Dr. Robertson and is designed to maximize the benefits of the process.

  1. Consultation: first things first, we will schedule you for a consultation with our clinic’s doctor to get all of your questions and concerns dealt with.
  2. Testing: once you’ve concluded that pellet therapy is your best option, we will do some hormonal testing to see your current hormone levels.

If you are interested in this professional service provided by us, feel free to contact us today.


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