How Does Ideal Protein Work?

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How Does Ideal Protein Work?

Ideal Protein is an innovative weight loss program that pairs you with a health and diet coach to help you reach your ideal weight. This non-invasive, safe, and effective weight loss program leads you through an easy-to-follow diet schedule that is customized to meet the exact dietary needs of your body.

To learn more about how Ideal Protein works, the healthcare professionals here at Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics have put together this blog post. If you have additional questions that aren’t answered here, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation to see if Ideal Protein is right for you, please our clinic today.


What is the Ideal Protein Diet?

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is a weight loss program for individuals who are serious about health and sustainable weight loss. More than just a temporary solution, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol focuses on setting patients up to enjoy a lifetime at a healthy weight. Not only do patients of Ideal Protein enjoy delicious, healthy meals planned by our very own weight loss doctor, but they also get basic nutrition education and learn how their bodies react to different foods. Find more about ideal protein weekly meal plan.

In short, Ideal Protein is a program that enables you to develop a healthy relationship with food, acquire a balanced diet, and gain a deeper understanding of nutrition. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol lasts more than a year and is the most thorough, and long-term approach to healthy weight loss.

If you are considering using the Ideal Protein Diet as a means for sustained weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, contact Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics today. We’d be happy to schedule your first consultation with our resident physician, Dr. Robertson. Dr. Robertson is board certified in functional and longevity medicine and has a Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine fellowship from the Metabolic Medical Institute.


What to Know About the Ideal Protein Diet


Here are several things you should know about the Ideal Protein Diet:

  • The Ideal Protein diet helps patients lose weight by putting them into a state of ketosis (where the body uses fat and fat storage as energy).
  • Ideal Protein is not a solo journey. Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics not only offers you a qualified coach and doctor throughout the process, but our staff also provides patients with emotional support and encouragement.
  • Patients who use the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol to lose weight find that they have more energy and are better able to control their cravings after a few weeks on the diet.
  • Those taking the Ideal Protein route find that their blood sugar and cholesterol stabilize as a result of the diet.
  • Patients undergoing the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol journey find that they can enjoy weight loss without muscle loss (this is great news, as muscle loss is often a negative side effect of many weight loss programs).



Ideal Protein


How Does Ideal Protein Work?

Ideal Protein is one of the most effective long-term approaches to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol uses a combination of methods to help patients achieve lasting weight loss and build a lifestyle that helps them succeed at sustaining a healthy weight.


Here’s a brief overview of the Ideal Protein diet and methodology:


Phase 1: Achieving Your Ideal Weight

The first phase focuses on weight loss and reaching your ideal weight. During this phase, patients will receive a consultation with Dr. Rachel Robertson, Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics’s weight loss coach and nutrition specialist. During this consultation, you will discuss your weight loss goals, effective meal plans, as well as your current diet. This consultation will help Dr. Robertson identifies the main issues standing between you and weight loss and formulate the best diet for you.

Dr. Robertson will then create a personalized meal plan following a protein-dense ketogenic diet. Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics has created more than 70 nutritious meals for patients to have during their Ideal Protein journey. The variety of meals ensures that patients never get bored and instead will always have delicious and healthy meal choices.


Phase 2: Digestive Health Focus

Stage two of the Ideal Protein diet focuses on digestive health and stabilization. This phase lasts for two weeks and addresses digestive issues and digestive education. During this stage, new whole foods are reintroduced into the patient’s diet.


Phase 3: Stabilization

The third phase of the Ideal Protein Diet focuses on the long term. Having a sustainable, well-rounded diet that includes healthy foods from every category is important in order to have a healthy relationship with food. You will focus on the reintroduction of healthy foods and stabilizing your ideal weight.


Phase 4: Maintenance

The fourth and final stage of the Ideal Protein diet is all about maintaining healthy body weight and relationship with food. This stage of the Ideal Protein method lasts for a year, during which time you will have the caring support of Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics’s weight loss clinic.

During this phase, you will focus on getting enough protein in your everyday diet, limiting unhealthy carbs and fats (carbohydrates and fats are okay to eat at breakfast time through), and taking a treat day once in a while.


Is Ideal Protein a Good Alternative to other methods?


If you are looking for:

  • A long-term approach to weight loss
  • A sustainable way to keep your weight down
  • A program that will improve your overall health
  • A diet that will make you feel your best
  • A non-surgical option
  • A weight loss program that requires zero recovery time

The Ideal Protein Diet is a good choice for you!

Contact an Ideal Protein Clinic Today

Here at Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics, you can expect holistic, empathetic, and professional care. Our clinic’s director, Dr. Robertson has undergone medical training at Bastyr University in Washington State and is a certified anti-aging specialist and weight-loss professional. With the guidance of Dr. Robertson and adherence to an Ideal Protein Diet, you can transform your health and body.

Contact Port Orchard Natural Medicine & Aesthetics today to schedule your first Ideal Protein Diet consultation.

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