Bremerton residents who are looking for a pain-free, non-invasive, body sculpting treatment make ideal candidates for LipoMelt treatments.

LipoMelt is becoming the preferred method of body sculpting due to its quick, painless, and optimal results.

This article will serve as your guide to understanding LipoMelt treatments and whether they are right for you.


What is LipoMelt?

LipoMelt is an advanced red-light skin therapy used to sculpt the body while reducing the appearance of weight. Patients simply relax on a massage table for up to half an hour while red light pads rest on their skin, tightening loose skin, reducing cellulite, and promoting the increase of collagen production.


Should I Do LipoMelt or Another Body Sculpting Treatment?

LipoMelt is fast becoming the preferred body sculpting technique as it is non-invasive and requires Bremerton residents to undergo zero recovery time. In comparison to fat removal surgeries and other procedures which require recovery periods and result in discomfort for the patient, LipoMelt is completely comfortable and painless.

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What Does LipoMelt Feel Like?

Here at Port Orchard Natural Medicine in Bremerton, our LipoMelt process follows these steps:

  1. We’ll record your weight goals.
  2. You get weighed and measured.
  3. We’ll wrap you in the light therapy pads.
  4. You lie on a massage table and soak in the red light for 20-25 minutes.
  5. After the red light is done, you’ll move to a vibration machine that helps your body dispose of the fat.
  6. Once your treatment is done, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, and wear compression garments to help increase the therapy’s results.


When Do LipoMelt Results Show?

Contrary to many fat loss and sculpting procedures which need time to show results, LipoMelt results can be measured after the very first session! Bremerton patients on average are able to see a three-inch reduction in the targeted area after only one session.


Are LipoMelt Results Permanent?

LipoMelt is not an end all be all procedure, rather, it is just one step on the road of healthy living. LipoMelt procedures should be done in tandem with healthy eating, adequate water intake, and daily exercise. If Bremerton patients want maximal results, our LipoMelt professionals recommend that you schedule LipoMelt follow-ups to maintain your sculpted physique.


Are There Risks Associated With LipoMelt Treatments?

There have been no documented side effects of LipoMelt treatments. This body sculpting treatment has been found to be safe, painless, and effective for many Bremerton individuals. If you have a pre-existing health condition that makes you concerned to do LipoMelt, we’d recommend consulting your doctor before scheduling your first LipoMelt session.


Visit a LipoMelt Clinic in Bremerton to Get Started on Your Body Sculpting Journey

Here at Port Orchard Natural Medicine in Bremerton, our team of LipoMelt professionals and caring staff want to help you achieve your sculpted body. We are passionate about restoring health and self-confidence through our LipoMelt treatments.

If you have questions about the LipoMelt procedure or want to schedule your first appointment at our Bremerton clinic, contact Port Orchard Natural Medicine today.


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