LipoMelt: An Introduction

Are you looking for a weight loss body-sculpting therapy that is non-invasive, pain-free, and delivers instant results? LipoMelt therapy checks all of these boxes and more! 

When it comes to weight loss via non-destructive body shaping systems, our lipomelt treatment are the best therapy available on the market. It’s simple, quick, safe, and is a body-healing process that emphasizes skin integrity, health, and non-destructive sculpting.


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What Is LipoMelt?

Lipomelt treatment is a weight loss body-sculpting therapy that uses advanced red-light therapy to drain fat cells and reduce your size and weight. 

The LipoMelt procedure is non-invasive and simply requires that you relax on massage table or bed for 20-25 minutes while the red-light pads soak your skin in red and infrared light. 

Results are measurable as soon as the first treatment session, with most patients experiencing a total fat reduction of three inches overall. Additionally, this treatment can also be used to reduce cellulite, tighten skin, and increase your body’s collagen levels.

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How Does Lipomelt Treatment Work?

The body-sculpting power of LipoMelt comes from the six light therapy pads that are fitted to your body during each treatment session.

These light therapy pads contain rows of red lights, as well as infrared lights — thus the name “red-light therapy.”


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Here’s how lipo melt treatment works.

LipoMelt uses 635 nanometers of red light to loosen your fat tissue. The light causes the membranes of your molecules to loosen, allowing triglycerides and other fatty acids to escape into the body.

This allows your body to capture and process the fat for disposal via your lymphatic system for weight loss.

While the red lights are deflating your fat cells, the infrared light (880 nanometers of it) is stimulating collagen production, as well as elastin. This causes your skin to tighten, reducing cellulite and wrinkles.

After 20-25 minutes under the lights, your doctor will move you to a vibration machine. This helps the released fat molecules get absorbed and disposed of by your body.

An important thing to remember when using LipoMelt treatment is that this is a non-destructive healing process. This means your fat cells are not physically destroyed.

Red-light therapy deflates your fat and allows the contents of the fat cells to be taken away by your lymphatic system. This delivers fast results for a painless weight loss and body-sculpting experience, but if you aren’t protecting your gains with a healthy diet and exercise, then there is the potential for your fat cells to refill to their original state.


How Does LipoMelt Treatment Compare To Other Body-Sculpting Treatments?

The majority of body-sculpting systems are what we call outside-in treatments. Outside-in sculpting is a direct physical assault on your fat and fatty acids, using technology and surgeries to remove unwanted weight. This includes treatments like liposuction and cool sculpting.

Outside-in treatments are usually invasive procedures that can cause discomfort, some pain, and have a list of possible side-effects.

LipoMelt treatment, on the other hand, is exactly what you’re looking for if you want a non-invasive, gentle therapy with no side effects or downtime. Red-light therapy is an inside-out treatment, which means that it uses your body’s natural metabolism to draw the fat out of your tissue.

Inside-out therapy is safer, easier, and is what makes LipoMelt such a popular body-sculpting procedure.


What Is The LipoMelt Process Like?

When you come into Port Orchard Natural Medicine, here is how the LipoMelt process progresses:

  1. We’ll record your weight goals.
  2. You get weighed and measured.
  3. We’ll wrap you in the light therapy pads.
  4. You lie on a massage table and soak in the red light for 20-25 minutes.
  5. After the red light is done, you’ll move to a vibration machine that helps your body dispose of the fat and fatty acids.
  6. Once your treatment is done, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, and wear compression garments to help increase the therapy’s results.


How Long Does It Take Results To Show?

Results are instant and can be measured as soon as the treatment session is completed. The average fat loss after someone’s first LipoMelt therapy session is a three-inch reduction overall.


How Long Will Results Last?

You should think of LipoMelt as one spoke on the wheel of healthy living, so results will last as long as you continue maintenance efforts. Maintenance includes healthy eating, drinking lots of water, and exercise.

I also recommend that patients schedule maintenance LipoMelt sessions to maintain their body goals — which is why we offer LipoMelt packages of 6,12, and 20 sessions.


Does LipoMelt Hurt?

No. Because LipoMelt is an Inside-out procedure and is different from invasive procedures, there is no pain, bruising, burning, freezing, or any other unpleasant sensation.


Who Is LipoMelt Right For?

LipoMelt is ideal for someone who wants to do body contouring and is close to their ideal body weight. It is also a good choice for someone who wants to improve the health and look of their skin — because LipoMelt stimulates collagen and elastin.

This therapy is designed to work together with other healthy habits, and so is perfect for someone who is looking to make multiple good health decisions in their life. It is not for someone who’s looking for a quick fix.


Who Shouldn’t Do LipoMelt?

LipoMelt is not a good choice for someone who leads an unhealthy lifestyle — not eating properly, drinking excessive alcohol, and having a significant amount of weight to lose.

This form of therapy is not a weight-loss treatment. It is a body-sculpting procedure, which means that it helps you reduce weight in those difficult to reach areas that diet and exercise can’t seem to get to. So you can’t use it to band-aid the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. It


Are There Risks Or Side Effects?

While there are no risks or documented side effects, one thing I do like to remind my patients is that weight can come back if you don’t do proper maintenance.

LipoMelt drains your fat cells but doesn’t remove them, and so the fat cells are empty but still present in your body. This means that if you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle, your fat cells can eventually reinflate with fat.

As I said earlier, a healthy lifestyle and maintenance includes drinking water, healthy eating, exercise, and monthly LipoMelt sessions.


What About Liver Support?

Once Lipo Melt has drained the fat molecules from your cells and released them into the body, it is your liver that takes over and processes the fat for removal. Consequently, the stronger your liver, the better your body-sculpting results will be.

There are several supplements that I recommend taking in order to improve liver function. If you’re interested in these, you can purchase them at the Port Orchard Natural Medicine clinic after your Lipo Melt therapy session. As a weight loss clinic, we can provide whatever support you need to reach your target weight and body composition.


How To Get Started With LipoMelt

If LipoMelt sounds like the weight-loss and body-sculpting treatment you’ve been looking for, then call the Port Orchard Natural Medicine office today.

We’ll discuss your body-sculpting goals with you and get you set up with a red-light therapy appointment. A healthier you is just around the corner!


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