What is LipoMelt?

LipoMelt is an effective body sculpting procedure that is both non-invasive and pain-free. It is ideal for people who are already living a healthy lifestyle and have almost reached their ideal weight goal, but are struggling to lose stubborn fat in specific parts of their body.

LipoMelt treatments excel at removing fat that is resistant to dieting and exercise. So if you are struggling to achieve your ideal body lines, then LipoMelt might be the perfect treatment for you. This body sculpting therapy is popular for its immediate results, painless treatments, and zero downtime.

This article will answer commonly asked questions about what LipoMelt is and how it works. To learn more about how this therapy can help you, contact Port Orchard Natural Medicine today.


How Does LipoMelt Work?

LipoMelt uses pain-free infrared lights to loosen fat tissue cells and drain fat from your body. The infrared lights also restore elasticity to the skin and reduce cellulite. It’s important to recognize that while LipoMelt treatments can help you attain your ideal figure, a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are also needed to maintain a healthy body.


How Many LipoMelt Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

This depends on the results that you are hoping to achieve. The more intense your goals for your body, the more sessions you will likely need. Consequently, the answer to this question is highly subjective and varies from patient to patient. If you would like a more definitive answer, you should schedule a consultation with a LipoMelt therapist.


Are LipoMelt Results Permanent?

You should view LipoMelt as one of the steps in your journey towards a healthier life. The results of LipoMelt only last as long as individuals maintain their weight. The maintenance phase following LipoMelt procedures is an ongoing process. It involves becoming aware of unhealthy habits, making sure that daily exercise is had, and that a healthy diet is maintained.

If the weight is regained, the results of previous LipoMelt treatments will be lost. To ensure that a steady weight is maintained, consider working with a diet coach alongside your LipoMelt treatments.


how long are lipomelt treatments


When Will I See Results From My LipoMelt Treatments?

The amazing thing about LipoMelt is that results can be seen after the very first session. Unlike diets or other weight loss procedures that take time to show results, LipoMelt patients can see up to a three-inch reduction after only a single session.

Immediate results make LipoMelt a particularly desirable body sculpting therapy.


Are There Any Risks Associated With LipoMelt Treatments?

If you have any preexisting conditions, we’d recommend that you contact your general care doctor to verify that LipoMelt is safe for you.


Contact a Weight Loss Clinic Today

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Dr. Robertson of Port Orchard Natural Medicine is a weight loss expert and caring coach. Dr. Robertson has a holistic approach to health and sustained weight loss and would be happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss your weight loss goals and LipoMelt treatments.

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