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PRP injection in Port Orchard provides hope for those struggling with a musculoskeletal injury or degenerative condition. A platelet-rich plasma injection delivers the proteins that the body needs to grow and heal tissue. Delivered at the site of the injury, this treatment reduces inflammation and stimulates healing. It’s an excellent option for hard-to-treat injuries like ligament tears because it enhances the body’s innate ability to heal. 


Dentists started using this therapy to assist in bone growth twenty years ago. Over the last few years, doctors began to experiment with different applications. Today professional athletes swear by PRP treatment to aid recovery and improve performance. Degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis respond well to the procedure, affording patients natural, non-invasive pain relief. 


Learn more about a PRP injection treatment plan from Dr. Rachel Robertson of Port Orchard Natural Medicine. 

PRP Injections Treatment

At Port Orchard Natural Medicine, we evaluate each patient carefully to determine the correct course of treatment. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is popular with many patients because it enhances the body’s natural healing abilities.

The platelets in the PRP injection perform many functions within the body. The most crucial part here is that they release compounds to stimulate growth. Your tissues regenerate more quickly and grow stronger as a result.

Applying this therapy directly to the site of the injury ensures that not one platelet goes to waste. Patients will usually start to feel relief after the first treatment.

Port Orchard Natural Medicine in Port Orchard, WA, focuses on natural, regenerative therapies. The treatments provide the body with the nutrients it requires to speed up repairs. 

Our treatments include:

  • PRP Injection – KneeOne wrong step or slip can wrench the knee and cause severe damage. If you damage tendons or ligaments, the recovery time is slow. Platelet therapy reduces recovery time and inflammation. 
  • PRP Injection – HairDealing with a receding hairline or alopecia can dent your confidence. PRP injections provide an alternative to hair plugs or wigs. By injecting the nutrient-dense compound, the doctor stimulates your hair follicles. 
  • PRP Injection – FaceAlso known as a vampire facial, this technique helps you turn back the clock. The injections stimulate natural skin regeneration and smooth wrinkles.  You don’t have to worry about fillers shifting or injecting Botox into your face. 

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelets are present in your blood and contain proteins that stimulate tissue regeneration. They help your body heal ligaments, tendons, and muscles and grow new cartilage. 

As the doctor injects the platelets where they’ll do the most good, they get to work straight away. Over the next two or three weeks, the patient notices a significant improvement. With no downtime or costly surgery, the cost of PRP injections is very low. 

 Patients typically have one treatment a month for around three months. Dr. Robertson will confirm this with you after your first consultation, however. Some patients can achieve the results they want with fewer injections. 

The benefits of PRP Injections include:

  • No Surgery: The only thing that breaks the skin is the needle.
  • No DowntimeThe doctor performs this outpatient procedure in her office. You may leave immediately afterward. 
  • No Drugs: Your body’s platelets do all the work, reducing the risk of allergies and pharmaceutical side effects.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Cost: The cost is reasonable, especially when compared to surgery or years of buying pain relievers.

Our Port Orchard Platelet-Rich Therapy Doctor

The Orchard House Natural Medicine team in Port Orchard will make everything as simple as possible for you. Start by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Roberson to discuss your needs. She’ll conduct an exam and work out your customized treatment plan. 

 Dr. Robertson is a skilled physician with a top-notch team behind her. She performs a thorough evaluation of each patient to ensure they’re a good candidate for the platelet-rich plasma injections for pain relief. She’ll answer your questions and discuss potential risks. 

The treatment itself is quick and straightforward: 

  • Dr. Robertson takes a blood sample.
  • She then places it in the centrifuge to separate your platelets.
  • After about 15 minutes, the process is complete.
  • She may, if necessary, use an ultrasound to determine the optimal treatment area.
  • After numbing the area, she injects the compound.
  • She will repeat the process after two to four weeks as necessary.

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Dr. Robertson and her team will gladly answer any questions you have. They’ll take the time to explain all the benefits and risks of platelet-rich plasma therapy. 

Our team will work with you to find a way to make the treatment affordable for you. Where possible, they’ll assist you in making a claim through your insurance. If that isn’t possible, they’ll discuss financing options with you instead. 

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