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Welcome to Port Orchard Natural Medicine

Serving the Community for Over 15 Years

Port Orchard Natural Medicine is a Family Practice offering primary care for individuals of all walks of life and varying degrees of health. Dr. Rachel Robertson is an expert in her field and takes pride in evaluating and treating the whole person with a balanced approach to holistic care and medicine.

Naturopathic Philosophy

Naturopathy blends centuries-old natural, non-toxic therapies with current advances in medicine, covering all aspects of health from prenatal to geriatric care.


What training does Dr. Robertson have?

Dr. Robertson is a Health Practitioner Diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners as well as Board Certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She earned her BA from PLU in Business Administration, and then attended medical school at Bastyr University where she earned her Naturopathic Doctor degree in 2002. 

Can a Naturopath be a Primary Care Physician?

Yes. Dr. Robertson can be your family’s PCP, or work in conjunction with your current PCP.

When did PONM open?

PONM opened its doors in 2004.

What is the difference between a Medical Doctor and a Naturopathic Doctor?

NDs spend a great deal of time with their patients taking detailed histories, performing complete physical exams, referring diagnostic testing, ordering lab work, diagnosing disease, and *educating* patients. NDs often offer alternative treatments to mainstream drug therapies. Dr. Robertson takes pride in treating the cause of your problem as opposed to simply treating the symptoms. Patient involvement and participation in personal wellness is encouraged and appreciated.

What does Dr. Robertson specialize in?

Dr. Robertson’s specializes in anti-aging, longevity medicine, and primary care. Including: Bio Identical Hormones, Clinical Nutrition, Detoxification, Digestive Disorders, Food Intolerances, Mental Health, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, Physical Examinations (including gynecological exam with Pap smear), Preventative Healthcare, Transition off drug meds when safe and appropriate, Weight Loss, Well Child Care and Exams.

What type of treatments does Dr. Robertson use?

Treatment modalities include herbs, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, amino acids, bio identical hormone replacement and drug therapy if indicated.

Can Dr. Robertson prescribe medications?

Yes, through a pharmacy.

What can Dr. Robertson test for?

Food Intolerance (IgG). This tests the immune reaction to 88 foods and rates the reaction to each one. Food intolerance testing can benefit people with autoimmune disorders, allergies, adhd, gut issues, hormones issues, and many more.

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis. This tests the body’s ability to absorb and assimilation of fats, carbohydrates, and lipids. This test also measures strains of good and bad bacteria and yeast.

Female Hormone Panel. This test measures through urine all 3 estrogens, progesterone, and DHEA, testosterone, and adrenals. Testing your hormone panel is helpful for individualizing hormone replacement therapy.

Candida Intensive. Blood and stool.

Neurotransmitter Testing with Adrenals. Helpful in treating sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and generalized fatigue. This test measures several key hormones such as epinephrine, serotonin, cortisol, nor-epinephrine, Dopamine, and GABBA.

How much will my treatment cost?

Office visits are usually billed to insurance if naturopathic care is covered. We accept most major insurances.

  • New patients $225
  • Established patients/return visit $125
  • Annual Exams $175

(New patient visits are 60 minutes in length, all others typically 30 minutes. Office visit fee is for Dr. Robertson’s time only. Labs are charged separately.)

What should I expect during my first visit?

Please print the new patient forms and fill it out at home or online. Expect to list current medications and supplements including brand names and doses on your intake form. If you are unable to print out the new patient form, please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out the paperwork. Your first visit will last approximately 50 min, and return visits last about 25 minutes. Due to the time reserved for each appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel an appointment.

A complete review of your intake form, including your past medical history, family medical history, medications, diet, lifestyle, labs, etc., will be done, as well as a physical exam and blood work if appropriate. You will have a customized treatment plan based on the information gathered. Follow-up visits are imperative to monitor progress and response to treatments.


Our Team

Dr. Rachel Robertson

Dr. Rachel Robertson

ND, ABAAHP, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Rachel Robertson, ND

Dr. Robertson has owned and operated Port Orchard Natural Medicine since 2004. Her approach is to blend conventional medicine with holistic, and to focus on preventative care while addressing acute disease when necessary.

Dr. Robertson is board certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She received her medical training at Bastyr University in Washington State. This accredited naturopathic university is a leader in the naturopathic community with its rigorous research and science-based naturopathic medicine program. The naturopathic program is a post-graduate four-year degree. She is a member of the WA Association of Naturopathic Physicians and The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

“I believe health care requires a team approach between doctor and patient. Medicine is best when prevention and anti-aging practices are emphasized while addressing health concerns. Patients are really looking not just for relief from symptoms, but for a partner to educate and assist them in optimal health. I really enjoy watching patients transform from disease/symptom management to maximizing health, and always feel honored when a patient entrusts me with their health care.”

Dr. Robertson strikes a healthy balance between professional and personal life. She is a mother to two very fun and active boys. When not in the office, she enjoys participating in activities such as biking, running, and skiing with her children, riding motorcycles, gardening, and reading. Dr. Robertson takes pride in supporting the well-being of our community’s youth through volunteerism and donations.

Melissa Yaden

Melissa Yaden

EAMP, LMP, AWP, Acupuncturist

Melissa integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage, Ayurveda and Nepalese Sound Healing into her East Asian Medicine practice. Melissa graduated from Bastyr University for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Melissa’s training included extensive clinic internships, and she has completed treatment training with NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) Acutonics® (Acupuncture-based sound healing with tuning forks) Craniosacral and she continued her work in a community-style acupuncture settings as well as an East Asian herbal medicine dispensary. For Nepalese Sound Healing Melissa has trained multiple times with singing bowl master Suren Shrestha. Melissa was on the board of directors for WEAMA (Washington East Asian Medicine Association) for 6 years, and has completed additional training from OCOM (Oregon College of Oriental Medicine) towards her doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

"My passion is working with individuals who are ready to make positive change in their health and my studies in multiple modalities allows me to offer the best possible care for each individual."



Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Laura educates and encourages patients of PONM interested in learning how to live a healthier lifestyle under the guidance of Dr. Robertson. Most specifically, Laura coaches dozens of community members each week as they pursue fast, safe, and long lasting weight loss through the Ideal Protein method. Laura also has the opportunity to teach a balanced/ whole foods approach to nutrition.

“I love that I have the opportunity to meet one on one with clients each week here, and have the ability to measure success through body composition testing often as opposed to relying solely on the scale. Even better than that, I have the chance to get to know each person I work with on an individual basis. This allows me to cater a plan that will suit their lifestyle needs specifically. Building relationships has been monumental to offering support. I also get excited about transitioning from weight-loss mode to maintenance mode with clients. The nutritional education offered is so incredibly important to life-long success. Dr. Robertson is extremely generous in her offer to welcome dieters to come back every 1, 3, or 6 months after they have reached their goal, free of charge, for body composition testing and further coaching.”

Laura is a local wife and mother to 4 school-aged children. Once a New Yorker, she landed in Port Orchard after 4 years in the Army, was a childbirth educator and business owner. In her early twenties, a personal struggle with her own weight and health led to her current devotion to living and modeling a healthy lifestyle for herself and for her family.

When not working at PONM or enjoying the life of a soccer mom, you can find Laura volunteering in the schools, local senior centers, or training for the 2013 NYC marathon.



Administrative Assistant

With more than 25 years of experience in the medical field, Gail’s professionalism and attention to detail add incredible value to our office. Gail and Toni job share. Together, their duties include assisting patients with making appointments, answering the phone, billing, patient accounts, and addressing insurance questions, facilitating communication between you, Dr. Robertson, or Laura, aide in the sales of our supplements, Ideal Protein foods, vitamins, and minerals.

“I genuinely enjoy the patients and staff that I work with here every day! I appreciate being a part of a health care system that uses a natural approach. The relationship of the patient and medical staff here involves a commitment that I have not witnessed in other offices. I continue to learn something new each week!”

Gail has a heart of gratitude and adores her husband, 4 children, and 6 grandchildren. She loves spending time in her beach house, gardening, reading, and volunteering for Make a Wish. She’s incredibly thankful for all the very good things in life!



Dispensary Manager

With more than 45 years of experience in the health, fitness, sales, and management industries, Sandy brings dedication, order, cleanliness, and efficiency to our office like no one else would. Sandy is diligent about keeping Dr. Robertson’s medical supply stocked, and is responsible for maintaining the ready supply of the vitamins, supplements, quality proteins, and ideal protein foods you count on most.

“I find it easy to take pride in ordering product and organizing inventory. The patients that walk through our doors are very appreciative of the work I do and are kind. The office feels like a family environment and I enjoy being here.”

When Sandy was a child, her father moved the family to the Pacific Northwest from North Dakota to take a job with Boeing. She enjoys the mild climate and spending time outdoors gardening, hiking, or camping with her 3 grandsons. Sandy is also incredibly creative and is responsible for any of the crafty bulletin boards you will find in the office!